How to soothe a baby with colic: 10 tried and tested methods by parents | Infacol

How to soothe a baby with colic: 10 tried and tested methods by parents

  1. Swaddle your baby and holding them gently turn them on their side and gently jiggle them. Shush them loudly so that you can be heard above their cries.
  2.  Try a baby swing – The motion may soothe your baby
  3.  Take them for a drive or a walk around the block in the pram
  4. Jiggle the infant on your lap – lay the baby on their stomach across your knees (remember to support their head) and jiggle your feet up and down, patting their back softly.
  5. Try a calmer approach by reducing external stimulation. Lie on your back in a quiet, dark room and lay your baby on your chest with their head over your heart. You can rock yourself gently as well to create motion for your baby.
  6.  Use the colic carry: Hold your baby stomach down with their tummy resting on your abdomen. Secure their head with the crook of your elbow. Walk around gently or try rocking the baby.
  7. If your milk is gushing out too fast during let downs, try removing your baby and allow some of the fast flowing milk to flow into a cloth before reattaching baby.
  8. If bottle feeding – check the bottle now and then to make sure the formula is not coming out too quickly. Consider alternative bottles if too much air is getting trapped inside the bottle.
  9. Speak to a healthcare professional for help and support.
  10. Look after your own wellbeing by finding soothing methods to relieve your anxiety and stress.

A dose of Infacol before each feed will reduce the symptoms of colic and offer you and your baby some relief!

If you require extra support contact your healthcare practitioner or maternal healthcare nurse.