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Top 10 things to pack for a holiday with an infant

Holiday packing for an Infant can be a daunting task – most parents are prone to overpack and take everything but the kitchen sink. Here are the top 10 things to remember to take with you.

  1. Nappy changing necessities – nappies, wipes, change mats and nappy bags (try the babyU disposable change mats and scented nappy bags), change of clothes (for on the plane if you are flying), nappy cream like Sudocrem.
  2. Bottles and teats and a portable steriliser like the Milton Traveller and Sterilising Tablets.
  3. Soothers and dummies – Don’t get stuck without your baby’s favourite comforter!
  4. Changes of clothes
  5. Breast pump if you are expressing milk
  6. Nipple compresses to soothe dry cracked nipples like the Multi-Mam Nipple compresses and breast pads.
  7. Blanket or sleeping bag and swaddles
  8. Baby friendly skin care products, Brands like GAIA Natural Baby have a Baby Traveller kit to make life easier.
  9. Baby paracetamol (you never know when you may need it)
  10. A sensitive skin sunscreen and hat for when outside.