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New Baby Checklist – Nursery

Making your nursery look great is heaps of fun but there are also lots of practical things to consider. With so many options to choose from, preparing for the arrival of your new baby can be a daunting task.

Luckily, we have put together the ultimate checklist for new parents to make sure your nursery is ready for when your new baby comes home.

  1. Bassinet / Cot – Some cots and bassinets come with a mattress, however confirm that what is included meets your needs. You shouldn’t replace an existing mattress without taking careful measurements as a non-standard one may be ill fitting for the cot. Gaps and mattress movement may cause suffocation or other hazards for your baby.
  2. Bedding – This includes fitted crib sheets, blankets. Make sure to purchase multiple sheets and blankets so that they are available when others are being washed. Think carefully about seasonal temperatures and your heating/ cooling in the nursery. It’s a great idea to have a couple of warmth and weight options for your blankets. Its really important not to overheat an infant as this can be connected to SIDS. As a general rule, if you feel hot or cold in a room your baby probably will too.
  3. Add a room thermometer – digital ones are cheap and easy to read at night – this is a great way for new parents to know the temperature of their baby’s room so that they can adjust bedding. A comfortable temp for a baby’s room is between 20 to 22.2 degrees.
  4. A Waterproof mattress cover is a simple way to ensure optimal hygiene and a long life for your new mattress. Make sure your baby’s mattress protector is strong and fits the mattress firmly, remembering to remove any loose plastic coverings.
  5. Baby sleeping bags/sleeping suits. A bit like swaddles and wraps, sleeping bags and sleep suits are an excellent option for keeping your new baby warm and comfy all night.
  6. Baby monitor – keeping in touch with your baby’s needs is a huge safety priority for every parent. There are a huge range of monitors to choose from, but most importantly, consider the layout and configuration of your home so that you get the monitor with the most appropriate range and sound quality for the different monitoring points in your home – your bedroom, kitchen, laundry etc.
  7. A Nightlight provides soft lighting allowing you to feed, change and resettle your baby in the middle of the night without having them fully wake due to bright glaring lights. They are generally designed to set a warm and sleepy environment for your baby to relax. Nightlights are economical and usually have long lasting LED globes.
  8. Change table – While any firm and flat surface can be used to change your baby, a change table with a shaped changing mat provides additional safety, comfort and storage. It is generally advised to have a change table at home that has side railings to ensure your baby doesn’t roll off accidentally. If space in your nursey is a limiting factor, consider a foldable change table to conserve space.
  9. Diaper pail. Keep your nursery fresh and tidy with a sealable nappy pail or bin. Allows you to conveniently dispose of the nappies and lock away the smells until you have time to dispose of them in your main household bin.
  10. Rocking chair or glider – A comfortable spot for you to feed and spend time with your new baby will make long nights much easier. Make sure when you set up your nursery that you leave plenty of room for this invaluable “mum zone” – a corner is great as long as you have room to rock.

Regardless of your nursery set up, it is totally normal for your baby to experience crying and sleep disturbances in the evening during their first months.

If your baby is crying continuously and you are unable to find the cause, then your baby may have colic. Consult our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about colic and colic relief for your baby.